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Appraisal of trial LWD work on the Goyt

Project overview Disley and New Mills Angling Club (DNMAC) secured Environment Agency (EA) funding for habitat work to preserve and encourage wild trout populations on their sections of the River Goyt. The funding was provided following an initial Advisory Visit (AV) from the Wild Trout Trust (WTT) and lead to a Practical Visit (PV) in partnership with the local EA Operations Delivery team. Violent spate flows in the River Goyt mean that many common river restoration practices cannot be adopted (as work would quickly be destroyed). Therefore, an innovative programme of channel enhancement through robust Large Woody Debris (LWD) management was drawn up. Invertebrate community monitoring was also proposed so that DNMAC could protect their river from pollution events and investigate potential biological effects of channel management. Major Goals Generate cover for fish (adult and juvenile) and protect banks from excessive erosion at 26 identified locations using “tree kickers” parallel t

Stair Cray-zee

OK, maybe I should lay off the puns. Who am I kidding, this is about weirs, fish passes (or stair cases if you will) and the River Cray - how can I resist?. Down to business, I've previously posted on this blog about the assessment of water quality and invertebrate communities at specific points along the upper River Cray ( and ). Having done that, and combined it with the information I collated in my initial Advisory Visit ( ) report - a number of potential sites that could benefit from habitat restoration work were identified. However, another important factor to consider would be how best to target restoration sites such that the maximum benefit could be gleaned when weirs and other barriers start to be made passable. There are EA plans afoot to tack

Andrew Parker and his amazing river bicycle repair men

On a recent Sunday morning, Andrew organised the good folk of Disley and New Mills AC into a well-oiled machine of river trash removal. TINTT went along to help and captured a few photos between fetching and carrying an eclectic collection of discarded items (including the bottom of a fibreglass sailing boat and a large metal water tank). The vertical hauling team at the top of the wall ready for another load from below: Safely hoisted onto the path: Two mystery figures emerge from the left dragging the submerged water tank from a deep pool with the rope team on the right (New Mills Railway Station is at the top of the slope on the right): Catch of the day at the top of the beat: And the victorious trash busters with the matching collection at the bottom of the beat: Cracking effort to all who took part. There were many members of the public that we chatted to who very much appreciated the actions of the angling club as caretakers of this section of the River Goyt.

Sheffield Partnership: Rivers in Town Environments (SPRITE) meetings

John Blewitt (who is in charge of the Free membership angling arm of SPRITE) has circulated the following 2 letters about upcoming events: "E-mail:- Monday, 06 April 2009 Hi Well, we have finally managed to get things moving on the River Don fishing front. A meeting has been arranged at 7.30 p.m April 20th 2009 at the Hillsborough Hotel. The Hotel is located at Langsett Road/Wood St. Sheffiled6. There is ample parking space on Wood St. The Tram stop is Primrose Hill and a map is attached. It has been agreed if anyone is under 18 they will be admitted (normal licensing rules apply). An agenda has not been formulated, but things to be discussed are. the name of the club the aims and objectives how is it to be funded rules of the fishery. I imagine other questions will arise; hopefully they will be addressed and answered. I am looking forward to meeting you on the evening and if anyone wants to bring any other interested parties, feel free to do so. This i