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Mayfly in the Classroom: resources launched

The first set of downloadable resources (as well as an overview of the concept) for the educational programme "Mayfly in the Classroom" (MIC) is now available from the WTT website: As well as the printed resources, wildlife filmmaker and angler Hugh Miles very generously re-edited and donated footage that was used in his recent "Catching the Impossible" series for use as an MIC resource. This short and beautiful piece will give participants an immediate insight into the lifecycle of these iconic invertebrates and their special link to the trout. Please encourage your local schools to take part in this project, the apparatus can be used for almost all of our native species (51 species in the UK) - but only collect nymphs that are present in large abundances in your local streams. Queries about where to obtain particular items of apparatus should be directed to me at pgaskell

Sheffield's Trout in the Town: S.P.R.I.T.E.

The 25th of April saw S.P.R.I.T.E. launched at the opening of Sheffield Environment Weeks' fair. Cheryl Gibson and myself ran the stall in Sheffield's Fargate shopping district. Just prior to that John Blewitt had marshalled the inaugural meeting of SPRITE Anglers - an angling club with no joining or membership fees. In fact - all it takes to belong to this AC is to turn up to some working parties and social events. Importantly, even though SPRITE Anglers will be looking after sections of the urban River Don and tributaries - it won't prevent anyone from fishing "on their patch". Anglers using these urban reaches will be given the opportunity to put something back into the amenity that they enjoy by helping to organise or carry out working parties (but won't be prevented from using the river if they don't want to be part of the club). This setup, which combines an enlightened angling club membership with local wildlife and conservation enthuisiasts' in