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Riverlution Festival and SPRITE Tenkara in the Town

Sunday the 23rd September saw the first " Riverlution " festival for a whole collection of local river users and interest groups including local rivers trust members, kayakers, cyclists, river stewards, breweries, traders and more. SPRITE (Sheffield Trout in the Town group) teamed up with Discover Tenkara to offer kids (and their parents or guardians!) the chance to try traditional Japanese style fly fishing known as "tenkara". The starting point was looking in the bug sample tray to see the kinds of wriggly things that lived in the river in the city centre. This lead straight on into learning how to tie an artificial fly with SPRITE and Fly Dresser's Guild members: Not bad at all for a first effort! This entitled participants to get a sticker on their certificate: Next (for another sticker) came the "on the street" casting lesson: Then, once togged up in thigh waders, safety sun glasses, buoyancy aid and armed with tenkara rod, line