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Micro hydropower - "Green" energy?

Can "run of river" low head hydropower offset the environmental costs of installation, operation and maintenance? Are investors likely to see a return? Is such an investment beneficial or detrimental to the environment? New video here and website link to further info below:

New Website for Sheffield Trout in the Town project

Check it out here: Please note the Calendar function in the "Events" pages that will keep everyone up to date with upcoming cool stuff. Also note our exciting plans for a new initiative using simplified fly-fishing (Japanese Tenkara) to engage kids and adults with the conservation of their local urban rivers. We will be piloting this in Sheffield and then helping other groups to set up their own projects. Finally, although it is not yet "live" there will be a Donate button so that people who would like to help to protect and restore the urban Don (but who find it difficult to attend working parties) can make discretionary contributions via Paypal. Enjoy and please feel free to comment via